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Join Suzy Karadsheh, New York Times best-selling author of The Mediterranean Dish Cookbook and founder of this site, and Matt Rodbard, editor in chief of TASTE, for a Mediterranean culinary adventure in Greece—one of the most exciting and unexpected food destinations in the world.

This fully immersive trip is custom-designed to give you the experience of a lifetime as you take in this special part of the Mediterranean—food, history, culture, people—all of it!

Not only will our tour showcase the best of Greek culinary traditions—in the city and the countryside—and demonstrate how the Mediterranean diet is experienced in daily life, every detail has been expertly planned to include one-of-a-kind excursions, special cultural events, hands-on learning from local experts and your hosts, Suzy and Matt, and top hotels with stunning views like the modern Electra Palace Hotel in Athens and the Aquila Atlantis Hotel, located on the port side of Heraklion, the capital of Crete.

The trip highlights and itinerary below will give you an idea of the exciting adventure that awaits you in Greece! Space is limited! Secure your spot today with a $500 deposit.

Outdoor cafe in Athens

Our trip will begin in Athens, the beating heart of modern Greek gastronomy, where we’ll tour markets, restaurants, tavernas, cheese shops, and wine bars, learning about Greek cooking traditions from the source. There will be cooking classes as well as visits to some of the city’s most important historical sites, like the Acropolis, and less discovered cultural destinations.   

We’ll then journey on to Crete, the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, to continue exploring the intersection of ancient and modern food practices. Here, we will sample and learn about native herbs, traditional baked goods like kourkoubini (doughnuts in honey syrup), and the twice-distilled grape beverage raki. Visits to nearby villages will highlight unique culinary practices, including a visit with a shepherd in Livadia, traditional fishing methods in the Aegean Sea, and handmade filo dough production in Rethymno.


This trip is designed to not only cover important cultural and historical institutions but to allow you to fully experience the food and culture of Greece. You can look forward to bucket-list sightseeing with the best tour guides and spend time with locals and experts. Here are just a few highlights of what you can expect:

  • Take in the sites and sounds of bustling Athens from the markets to the historical center and monuments you do not want to miss! Then, relax on the gorgeous island of Crete, basking in the sun and taking in the slower Mediterranean way of living.
  • Taste the flavors of Greece, experiencing the Mediterranean diet. You'll have a chance to experience the Athenian kitchen as well as the local cooking traditions of the Island of Crete. Visit a woman-led co-op focusing on the production of traditional local sweets and pastries. Tour olive oil mills, learn about traditional fishing practices and traditional Cretan semi-soft goat cheese, and participate in hands-on cooking classes with local cooks who will show you how to make classics like stuffed grape leaves and moussaka.
  • Attend one-of-a kind events and experiences like a private cruise to the island of Spinalonga, an exquisit seafood dinner overlooking Athens' seaside, and...(well, we can't ruin all the surprises)!
  • And did we mention the hotels?! We'll be staying at two top hotels: Electra Palace Hotel in Athens and the Aquila Atlantis Hotel, located on the port side of Heraklion, the capital of Crete.

Trip Cost and Booking Details

  • Price: Double Occupancy--$8,290 per person
    Single occupancy--$9,565 per person
  • Deposit: $500 per person to reserve (Balance due upon receipt of invoice, 90 days prior to departure.)
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Day 1: Arrival in Athens: The Birthplace of Democracy

  • Transfer to the hotel in central Athens and check in
  • Take a walking tour of the historical center of Athens
  • Enjoy a welcome dinner featuring traditional Greek cuisine such as dolmadakia(vine leaves stuffed with rice and mint and served with luscious Greek yogurt) and moussaka in a private space

Included Meals: Dinner
Accommodations: Electra Palace Hotel

Day 2: Markets and Monuments

  • Take a food tour of the Central Market of Athens, a bustling hub of activity where you can find everything from fresh produce to seafood to traditional Greek spices, where you’ll sample some of the local delicacies and soak up the vibrant atmosphere
  • Visit the Acropolis, the most iconic landmark in Athens and a UNESCO World Heritage Site showcasing the architectural achievements of ancient Greece
  • Enjoy a group dinner with stunning views of the city at a seaside restaurant specializing in excellent fish and seafood dishes

Included Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodations: Electra Palace Hotel

Day 3: The Athenian Kitchen

  • Put your skills to the test in a private cooking class, where you’ll learn to prepare some of your favorite Greek dishes, such as zucchini fritters and moussaka, followed by dessert
  • After you savor your handiwork for lunch, you will have the opportunity to taste a variety of local Greek cheeses
  • Free time! Enjoy the remainder of the day at your leisure to explore Athens, with recommendations available from your hosts

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodations: Electra Palace Hotel

Day 4: Arrival in Crete

  • Take a group flight to Heraklion and group transfer to the hotel
  • Embark on a walking food tour of the historical city center, sampling cheese, pastries, Greek coffee, and raki
  • Enjoy lunch and afternoon time at your leisure
  • Experience a guided afternoon visit of the splendid Archaeological Museum in Heraklion to learn about the Minoan civilization in Crete and its ties to the culinary practices seen today
  • Eat dinner together in Heraklion, served family-style to showcase traditional dishes such as thria (the ancient recipe for dolmades) and smoked meats that you would find on many Cretan family tables

Included Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodations: Aquila Atlantis Hotel

Day 5: A Taste of the Villages: The Sea

  • Depart from the hotel by bus to explore local seaside villages and traditional Cretan food production practices
  • Stop at the village of Kritsa, with a visit to the village’s woman-led co-op to learn about the making of local desserts kourkoubini(doughnuts in honey syrup) and xerotigana (the traditional Cretan sweet given at weddings)
  • Enjoy a private boat trip to the island of Spinalonga, a former leper colony that is now a popular tourist destination, where you’ll explore the island’s ruins and learn about its history with a guided tour
  • Meet with local fisherman to learn about traditional fishing practices and vessels—you will have the opportunity to try your hand at gathering the lines that were set the night before to catch lunch!
  • Eat a late lunch on the seafront facing Spinalonga at Plaka, featuring a predominantly fish-based menu, including any fish caught on the boat
  • Stop at an olive oil mill on the way back to Heraklion to see firsthand how Greece’s liquid gold is produced, and partake in a sampling of their signature olive oils.
  • Enjoy dinner at your leisure in Heraklion

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodations: Aquila Atlantis Hotel

Day 6: A Taste of the Villages: The Mountains

  • Depart from hotel by bus to explore local mountain villages and traditional Cretan food production practices
  • Our first stop is Anogeia, a Cretan village known for its mountain scenery and traditional culture, where you’ll enjoy a walking tour of the village and a tasting of the locally famous galaktoboureko Anogeion (custard made from sheep and goat’s milk) and Greek coffee
  • Departing from Anogeia, visit the home of a local shepherd at Livadia and see how cheese has traditionally been produced on Crete, tasting anthotyros, a Cretan semisoft goat cheese, and Cretan graviera, akin to gruyère
  • Enjoy a traditional Cretan lunch with antikristo lamb, a dish cooked over an open fire
  • After lunch, head to Rethimno for a walking tour of the city, with its distinctly Venetian and Turkish influences
  • In Rethimno, you’ll tour the workshop of the last operating “kataifi filo” in Greece, where filo pastry and pasta are still made by hand
  • Enjoy some leisure time in Rethimno before returning to Heraklion
  • Eat dinner at your leisure

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodations: Aquila Atlantis Hotel

feta cheese, olives and other Greek foods

Day 7: Farm to Table

  • Start the day with a morning lecture at the hotel on the Cretan diet, focusing on traditional regional herbs and their mental and physical health benefits, from a wellness specialist
  • Enjoy lunch at your leisure
  • In the afternoon, visit a local farm to learn about biodynamic and sustainable farming practices, and partake in a casual outdoor cooking class as the culminating event of the tour
  • End the day with dinner accompanied by a Cretan wine pairing and educational lecture led by a local sommelier

Included Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodations: Aquila Atlantis Hotel

Day 8: Departure from Greece

•       Take advantage of a group transfer to the airport


Electra Hotel (3 Nights)
Electra Hotel is a four-star hotel located in the heart of Athens, just a short walk from many of the city’s top sites. Guest rooms have a classic yet comfortable design, with intentionally soft color palettes that invite you to relax while surrounded by the vibrance of Ermou Street. In addition to the conveniences you are accustomed to, the Electra Hotel boasts a rooftop restaurant and bar with stunning views of the Acropolis. The Electra Hotel Athens is located close to shopping, great restaurants, and cultural institutions that you can explore at your leisure.

Aquila Atlantis Heraklion (4 Nights)

Aquila Atlantis is a premium hotel on the port side of Heraklion, the capital of Crete. Rooms feature a private balcony with a view of the sea or the city and include a sleek en suite bathroom with high-quality linens designed for your comfort. In addition to the room amenities, there are spa facilities available at your discretion as well as a rooftop pool for relaxation during your leisure time. The hotel is located within easy walking distance of cafés, restaurants, and shopping within the city.


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