Ruth Bardis

  • Multiple Award-winning Greek food cookbook author
  • Expert Recipe Developer
  • Expert food stylist and photographer

Ruth Bardis is an international award-winning cookbook author, food stylist, publisher, and photographer passionate about all things Greek food. She was born in Australia to Greek parents. Her strong ethnic heritage and love of nourishing food facilitated her switch from fashion designing to cooking, photography, and writing. 

Her award-winning cookbooks to date are:
Simply More Greek: Foods from the Garden, the Sea and the Bakery.

  • Best in the WORLD Mediterranean Cookbook (Gourmand Award, Sweden, June 2023).
  • Best Mediterranean Cookbook & Best Self- Published Cookbook, Australia (Gourmand Award, December 2022).
  • Independent Publisher Award, Silver (IPPY, New York 2023).

Beyond the Greek Salad: Regional foods from all around Greece.

  • Independent Publisher Award, Bronze (IPPY, New York 2020).
  • Harvest Award for Mediterranean Cooking (Gourmand Award, 2020).

Hellenic Kanella: Memories Made in A Greek Kitchen.

  • Best in the World for Mediterranean Cookbook (Gourmand Award, 2017).
  • Best Foreign-International Cookbook (Gourmand Award, Australia 2017).

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