In 2014, our CEO, Founder, and New York Times Best Selling author Suzy Karadsheh, who was born and raised on Egypt's Mediterranean shores, started this site as a place to document the flavors and recipes she grew up with for her Michigan-born daughters. Since then, tens of millions of home cooks seeking a delicious and healthful lifestyle have found their way here. Today, is the #1 online resource for modern Mediterranean cooking and the Mediterranean lifestyle with millions of monthly readers and avid followers.

We believe in a balanced, sensible way of eating--and living--that is based on three simple Mediterranean diet principals: Eat with the seasons, use mostly whole foods, and above all, share. And our mission is to help you cook nutritious and bold Mediterranean meals--with less stress in the kitchen and more joy around the table!

As the leading Mediterranean food and lifestyle website, we have the power and responsibility to daily affect positive change through creating and sharing helpful and authentic content, and through continuing to build a one-stop resource to support our readers on their journey to a healthier, joyful lifestyle. And we want you to be a part of it!

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