Looking for a simple guide to Mediterranean eating and the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean Dish is honored to collaborate with Mother Earth News and many experts to bring you this special magazine issue: Mediterranean Eating.

The magazine is available for purchase at our online store or look where magazines are sold, including Barnes and Nobles. 

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Mediterranean Eating | Special Magazine Issue on the Mediterranean diet and Mediterranean lifestyle. Great Mediterranean recipes; the Mediterranean diet pyramid; living the Mediterranean lifestyle; how to buy olive oil and more!

I am so humbled and honored to collaborate with Mother Earth News to bring you this special magazine issue: Mediterranean Eating.

This special project has been in the works for quite some time, and I'm so glad to see it come to fruition in such a beautiful and meaningful ways, and I know it will be helpful to many.

Mediterranean Eating is a great resource for anyone seeking to follow the Mediterranean diet. This special issue includes many of my own recipes (and recipes from others); a guide to the Mediterranean diet pyramid; practical Mediterranean living tips–including, how to buy olive oil; herbs and how to grow them; heart-health and brain boosting tips; exercise for every decade…and more!

I highly recommend grabbing a coup of Mediterranean Eating! It'll be a guide you reference often.

Where to buy a copy of Mediterranean Eating

Grab a copy of Mediterranean Eating at our online store here. Or, look where magazines are sold (Barnes and Noble; Sam's Club and some Kroger-owned stores do carry this issue.)

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  1. I bought this issue and was disappointed because I wanted the recipe on the front. The pasta dish, I couldn't find inside magazine. Please send me where to find it and I'm liking the rest of magazine. Going to try the cake with apples and raisins.

  2. I really like the Mediterranean diet and all fresh whole food ingredients. I cook that way all day the time. It helps me maintain my weight and feel better. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  3. We started easing into the Mediterranean diet earlier this year. I love cooking with the oils, herbs and spices and my toddler loves all the olives 🙂 Your website is my go-to source for recipes and your Garlic Dijon Chicken is a favorite in our house!

  4. I have been eating Mediterranean-style for the last twenty years or more. I lost nearly 70 lbs and knocked down my triglycerides 75%. I am 75 years old and my blood pressure is normal...without medication. It was easy for me because I love vegetables, I am an excellent cook, and I live in California wine country. Wine's my favorite part! How many ways can you cook turkey, fish, or chicken? Just ask me! I've not missed a thing. I even allow myself the occasional treat..I make a mean apple tart, too. So thank you, and thank you to all the Italian people I grew up with. I'll live another ten to fifteen years, at least.

    1. What a great success story with eating the Mediterranean way. Thank you for sharing, Annette

  5. I love every Mediterranean dish! I love the flavor and healthy! I can never get enough of that food. Love love and love Mediterranean food!!

  6. I hope to get healthier and maybe even lose some weight in the process by Mediterranean Eating!

  7. I love Mediterranean food and always try to put a Mediterranean twist on what I make. It was your Greek chicken wings that got me addicted to your recipes!

  8. My hubby and i are trying to eat healthier. He is 50 and has some serious health issues, including triple bypass, type diabetes and needs a kidney transplant. I have made several of your recipes, and he loves them!

  9. I have the first book and love it. We have eaten this style for many years (my wife Cathreine is Lebanese ) and now our menu has expanded. The salad assortments are wonderful and the spatchcock chicken is to die for.
    Thanks. Dave

  10. I have started cooking the Mediterranean way for my family and self and we love it! I found your blog with recipes on Pinterest and have followed ever since. I love the recipes you offer and how healthy and great we feel eating this style of food. Would fully enjoy this magazine!

  11. I look forward to your posts. Your recipes are delicious and creative. The magazine is very tempting...

    Sherry in Arizona