Eating the Mediterranean way has never been easier! First, we have a bank of easy, bold Mediterranean diet recipes here. This handy, free Mediterranean diet shopping list. Plus, the best EVOO and all-natural spices for Mediterranean cooking here.

Download Or Print Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

A shopping list for the Mediterranean diet



Download Or Print Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

The Mediterranean diet (lifestyle) has been around for many years, and it is still considered one of the top most effective diets in the world today.

What is the Mediterranean diet? Very simply put the Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the traditional foods and eating patterns of the people and countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

What makes the Mediterranean diet effective for obtaining and maintaining health—and even for weight loss—is that it is a whole-foods diet that is more plant heavy, but is also high on good fats, fresh herbs, and great flavor!

If you’ve been eating the Mediterranean way for a time, you already know that there are no hard “Nos” in the Mediterranean diet. That doesn’t mean we have no guidelines. The Mediterranean diet pyramid reflects the general pattern in which we should be eating our meals over days or weeks--a longer-term path to better health.

The Mediterranean Food Pyramid. Photo credit: Oldways
Photo courtesy Oldways

The Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

Earlier, I wrote 7 ways to follow the Mediterranean diet. And we all know it starts with stocking your pantry with Mediterranean staples.

To make things easy, I’ve put together a handy Mediterranean Diet shopping list.

My advice: Click here to print this free Mediterranean diet shopping list. Keep it handy, maybe on your pantry door or fridge, so you can keep track as you run out of items. And use it when you make your weekly meal plans.

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  1. Hi! I have been recommended to do the Mediterranean diet by my doctor and upon research found your page where I have learned a lot about the diet. I did notice cauliflower is not listed on many Mediterranean food list. Could cauliflower be eating on a Mediterranean diet? And if so, could it be eating on a regular basis or in moderation?

    1. Hello! Welcome to The Mediterranean Dish! Veggies are an important part of the Mediterranean way of eating, and that includes cauliflower :). It can definitely be eaten on a regular basis. Here is another great article you can check out for more info.

  2. I need to learn a better and cleaner way of eating (turning 68 on 1/24), and have heard about the many benefits of this diet. I would like to incorporate a diet into my life that I can stick with.

    1. You have come to the right place :). Welcome to The Mediterranean Dish, Denise. We are honored to be part of your health journey!

    1. Hi, Sue. Thanks for the feedback. This list is not exhaustive... there are certainly great veggies like potatoes and sweet potatoes you can include if would like.