Embrace summer like a Venetian with this easy Peach Bellini Recipe. And why not? You only need two ingredients and 10 minutes or less!

A close up of 2 peach bellinis garnished with peach slices.
Photo Credits: Elana Lepkowski 

Warm summer days call for drinks made with fresh and juicy in-season peaches. This super simple Peach Bellini recipe uses sweet peaches, pureed and topped with ice-cold Prosecco. It's a Venetian tradition dating back almost 100 years!

Like a Tinto de Verano or Carajillo, you need just two ingredients to make this classic cocktail. There's no added sugar, and it makes a great base to try out your favorite flavor combinations—who doesn’t love options?

While white peaches are true to the original Peach Bellini recipe, you can swap in yellow ones, nectarines, or even add berries to the mix. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to mimosas at brunch, or just wanting to use up the multitudes of farmer's market peaches, you can’t beat a Peach Bellini! You’ll find yourself wanting to make this delicious drink all peach-season long.

Table of Contents
  1. What is a Bellini Cocktail?
  2. Ingredients for a Bellini Cocktail
  3. How to Make a Bellini Cocktail
  4. Ways to Garnish a Peach Bellini
  5. Bellini Variations and Substitutions
  6. What to Serve with a Bellini
  7. Easy Cocktails, The Italian Way
  8. Peach Bellini Recipe

What is a Bellini Cocktail?

The Bellini is a true Italian drink created in the 1930s at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. Proprietor Giuseppe Cipriani’s combination of local white peaches with the Italian sparkling wine Prosecco proved extremely popular.

The classic Peach Bellini cocktail was born, with twists like Strawberry Bellinis (Rossini) coming later. The drink gained international fame when it was brought over to their New York location, and we’ve been drinking it ever since. 

A close up of a peach bellini garnished with peach slices, with more peaches in the background.

Ingredients for a Bellini Cocktail

A Peach Bellini cocktail only has two ingredients! 

  • Peaches: white peaches are traditional, but yellow peaches, donut/Saturn peaches, or nectarines can also be substituted. No need to peel these either, as the rosy skin will give the cocktail a beautiful color.
  • Prosecco: Given its Italian origin, prosecco would be the natural choice, but if that’s not available use cava or Champagne.

How to Make a Bellini Cocktail

To make a Peach Bellini, you can go one of two ways. One is to individually portion out drinks as needed. Keep the purée and Prosecco chilled then add a scoop of the purée to a flute or tall glass, and top with Prosecco.

A second option is batching. Peach Bellinis work well batched (a great time saver when serving brunch or at a party). In a large pitcher, combine the peach purée and the Prosecco. Stir gently and let guests serve themselves. Here are the steps:

  • First, pit and chop six peaches.
  • Blend them until smooth in a blender or food processor. 
  • Portion out your puréed peaches into your glasses and top with chilled Prosecco. Garnish with peach slices if you’d like!
A close up of a peach bellini garnished with peach slices.

Ways to Garnish a Peach Bellini

You can leave the cocktail sans garnish or elevate it with a nice something a little extra. Some ideas: 

  • Keep the peach: A few peach slices, either speared on a cocktail pick or floating in your drink are a nice touch. 
  • Add berries: I love a few raspberries settled at the bottom of a drink. 
  • Add herbs: Fresh tarragon or basil paired with peach slices creates a beautiful presentation in addition to a nice aroma that complements the peach. 

Bellini Variations and Substitutions

Since peach season can vary from place to place—and this drink relies on the flavor of ripe, in-season peaches—you can use peach nectar in place of fresh peaches. More ideas:

  • For a frozen peach bellini: Substitute the puree for a scoop of peach sorbet. I especially love this idea on a very hot summer day!
  • For a pink-hued drink: Blend in ½ cup of raspberries along with the peaches.
  • Leave out the peaches altogether: Make a strawberry Bellini, known as a Rossini, is a must-try.
  • For a Peach Bellini Mocktail: Try a non-alcoholic sparkling wine instead of prosecco. There are many alternatives on the market, but alcohol-free Gruvi or La Gioiosa are good options for the Bellini. For a more kid-friendly option, make Peach Lemonade to serve alongside.
Prosecco being poured into a glass of peach bellini with peaches and another glass of the bellini in the background.

What to Serve with a Bellini

The Bellini might conjure an elaborate brunch spread, but I believe you can enjoy this cocktail at any point during the day. For summer picnics, a cool, crisp salad like this Cucumber Radish Salad or Fresh Grilled Corn Salad are my picks to nibble between sips.

If you're craving something more substantial, try these Easy Mediterranean Shrimp Pizzas on flatbread. When it comes to lingering around a snack board, I am always a fan of this delicious and easy Smoked Salmon Platter. Paired with a pitcher of Peach Bellini cocktails and you have the makings of a perfect brunch.

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Peach Bellini

A picture of Elana LepkowskiElana Lepkowski
A close up of 2 peach bellinis garnished with peach slices.
Though the bellini is often thought of as a mimosa alternative, it's actually an Italian tradition dating back hundreds of years! The original uses white peaches, but feel free to swap the fruit with whatever looks best at your farmer's market.
Prep – 10 minutes
Total – 10 minutes
Serves – 6


  • 6 peaches, pitted and chopped
  • 1 (750ml) bottle Prosecco, chilled
  • Peach slices, for garnish (optional)


  • Make the peach purée. Blend the chopped peaches until smooth, about 45 seconds.
  • Make the cocktail. Portion the peach purée between 6 glasses (about ¼ cup of purée per glass). Top each with chilled Prosecco. Stir gently to combine.
  • Serve. Garnish with a peach slice (if desired) and serve immediately.



Calories: 124.1kcalCarbohydrates: 16.6gProtein: 1.5gFat: 0.4gSaturated Fat: 0.03gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.1gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.1gSodium: 28.2mgPotassium: 292.7mgFiber: 2.3gSugar: 14gVitamin A: 489IUVitamin C: 6.1mgCalcium: 17.2mgIron: 1mg
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