Quick and easy layered hummus dip is perfect for a simple dinner or appetizer. Creamy hummus is topped with spiced beef, fresh vegetables, and toasted pine nuts. 

Hummus dip layered with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and pine nuts

Easy layered dip!

I’m a happy camper with nothing more than a bowl of homemade hummus dip, some crunchy vegetables and pita chips, but sometimes I want to dress up my classic chickpea spread and turn it into dinner. The best way to do that is to turn hummus into a layered hummus dip, essentially using it as a bed to carry some delicious toppings.

Layered hummus dip is easy, utterly delicious and looks great on your table. Start with a layer of hummus and a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil followed by a layer of ground beef seasoned with sumac, cinnamon and allspice. Top it off with diced tomatoes, chopped onions, fresh parsley, and toasted pine nuts. The flavor and texture combinations of cool, creamy, warming spices, and fresh vegetables is like a party for your tastebuds. Trust me, you’re gonna love it! 

Make this for a light dinner or serve as an appetizer to share with friends! Your family will think you ordered take out from your favorite, mom-n-pop Lebanese restaurant. 

Layered hummus is satisfying enough served on its own, but you can make it a feast by pairing it with a 3-ingredient Mediterranean salad and falafel for dinner bowls. Skip the beef entirely and load it up with vegan toppings like shallots and shishito peppers for a meatless meal. Let your imagination be your guide and make this tonight!

Ingredients for layered hummus dip recipe

Layered hummus dip ingredients 

This 3-layer layered dip is made up of 3 main parts: hummus, ground beef seasoned with allspice, cinnamon, sumac, garlic and onion, then loaded with fresh toppings like diced tomatoes, parsley, and toasted pine nuts. It’s filling, protein-packed, and delicious.  


This recipe begins with hummus. You can make it ahead of time using my tried-n-true hummus recipe. 

If you don't have the time to make it in advance, don't sweat it — you can use your favorite store-bought hummus. Just make sure it's plain hummus so you don’t have any competing flavors. 

Spiced lamb or beef mixture

The spiced meat is the middle layer of this layered dip, and it comes together with just a few aromatics and spices. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

  • Extra virgin olive oil: You just need a little EVOO to saute the onions and bell pepper. 
  • Red onion: Chop up 1 red onion. Most is sauteed in olive oil, but keep a little aside (maybe a tablespoon or 2) for the top layer of the hummus. 
  • Garlic: You’ll need 2 cloves of garlic, minced. 
  • Green bell pepper: Core and chop up ½ a green bell pepper. 
  • Ground beef: I used lean ground beef, but you can also use ground lamb. 
  • Spices: You need a trio of robust spices: allspice, sumac, and cinnamon. 
  • Tomato sauce: You only need ½ cup canned tomato sauce, for a little acid and to make the meat mixture a bit saucy. 

Fresh toppings

The sky's the limit with the fresh toppings! I like to add color, texture, and some freshness with the following:

  • Roma tomato
  • Red onion
  • A good amount of flat-leaf parsley
  • A few tablespoons of toasted pine nuts 

But you can also use fresh chopped bell peppers, cucumbers, shishito peppers, different herbs like cilantro and dill, kalamata olives, or toasted sesame seeds and slivered almonds. This recipe is easy to play with and make your own. 

How to make it

Preparing this layered hummus dip is as easy as cooking the meat mixture, spooning it onto some hummus, and topping that with some fresh vegetables, herbs, and toasted nuts or seeds. Here’s how to make it:

  • Prepare the hummus. Either make a batch of homemade hummus or buy 16 ounces of your favorite quality store-bought hummus. Scoop it into a large serving dish and set it aside for now. 
  • Make the spiced lamb or beef topping. Saute most of a chopped red onion, ½ chopped green bell pepper, and 2 minced garlic cloves in a skillet containing heated extra virgin olive oil. Cook over medium-high heat for a few minutes, stirring regularly, until softened. Add 8 ounces lean ground beef or lamb and saute until browned (which will take about 8 minutes).

    Drain any excess fat before seasoning with kosher salt, black pepper, 1 teaspoon allspice, ½ teaspoon sumac, and ¼ teaspoon cinnamon. Add ½ cup tomato sauce and cook for another 5 minutes, stirring a few times. 

    Spiced ground beef in a cast iron skillet
  • Assemble the layered dip. Drizzle the hummus generously with extra virgin olive oil. Scoop the spiced meat mixture on top, followed by 1 chopped Roma tomato, the remaining chopped onion, ½ cup fresh parsley, and 3 tablespoons toasted pine nuts. Serve warm.
Hummus dip layered with ground beef and vegetables served in a round dish

Make ahead tips 

If you want to make the hummus from scratch, feel free to make it a day or so in advance and store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. You can also cook the meat ahead of time and store it similarly in a separate container. 

That way, you’ll just need to reheat the meat mixture and assemble the layered hummus dip when you’re ready.  

What to serve with this Lebanese-style layer dip

Obviously, I'm all about some warm pita pockets, pita chips, or your favorite cracker to serve along. To be honest, you don’t need much else!

If you’re serving a crowd, and want to fill out the meal a little more, these easy roasted tomatoes are a great addition to serve over toasts. I also love this Turkish-style fried eggplant as another option.

If you’re looking for side salad ideas, I’ve got you covered: 

Hummus dip layered with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and pine nuts

Swaps and substitutions

  • Not in the mood for chickpeas? You can swap out the chickpea hummus with white bean hummus, a creamy dip made out of a can of butter beans, tahini, and a few spices. Its flavor is mild enough to not compete with the seasoned beef.
  • Spices: Don’t feel limited by the spices I chose; use warm spices of your choice. Paprika, turmeric, cumin, nutmeg, ras el hanout, etc. would all be great options to flavor the meat. 

How to store leftovers

Store leftover layered hummus dip in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

If you’re able to scoop the spiced meat off the hummus, you can quickly reheat it in a skillet on the stovetop. If not, simply allow it to come to room temperature before enjoying leftovers. 

Other delicious creamy dips to try

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Best Layered Hummus Dip Recipe

Suzy Karadsheh
Hummus dip layered with ground beef and vegetables served in a round dish
This layered hummus dip makes a beautiful appetizer or light dinner in under 30 minutes! Top creamy hummus with a layer of perfectly spiced meat, and finish it off with fresh tomatoes, a sprinkle of parsley, red onion, and toasted pine nuts. You don't need much more than some warm pita or crunchy pita chips to enjoy this layered dip!
Prep – 10 minutes
Cook – 15 minutes
Serves – 6 servings


For Hummus:

For Spiced Beef:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 small red onion, chopped, divided
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • ½ green bell pepper, cored and chopped
  • 8 ounces lean ground beef, I used ButcherBox 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef
  • 1 teaspoon ground allspice
  • ½ teaspoon sumac
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ cup canned tomato sauce

Fresh toppings

  • 1 Roma tomato, chopped
  • ½ cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 3 tablespoon toasted pine nuts, optional


  • Prepare hummus in advance using this recipe for creamy homemade hummus OR prepare 16-oz of quality store-bought plain hummus.
  • To make the spiced beef topping, heat 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil in a skillet until shimmering but not smoking. Add most of the onions, keeping about 1 tablespoon or so for later. Add green peppers and garlic. Cook over medium-high heat for about 4 minutes or so, stirring regularly, until softened.
  • Add lean ground beef and saute until fully browned (about 8 mins or so.) Carefully drain any excess fat and return skillet to heat. Season beef with kosher salt, pepper, allspice, sumac, and cinnamon. Stir in tomato sauce, and cook another 5 mins or so, stirring occasionally.
  • Assemble the layered hummus dip! Spread hummus in a serving bowl. Pour a generous drizzle of quality extra virgin olive oil (I used our Early Harvest Greek extra virgin olive oil.) Top with the spiced meat, fresh chopped tomatoes, parsley, the remaining red onion, and toasted pine nuts.
  • Serve immediately with warm pita pockets or these homemade pita chips. 



  • Make ahead tips: If you are making hummus from scratch, feel free to do that a day ahead and store it in the refrigerator. You can also make the spiced meat a day ahead. 
  • What to serve with it: I like some warm pita pockets or pita chips, but you could also do some roasted tomatoes, fried eggplant, or a couscous salad
  • Swaps and substitutions: If you're not in the mood for chickpeas, try this white bean hummus instead. And don't feel like you need to spice the meat the same way I do! You can use other warm spices, like paprika, turmeric, cumin, nutmeg, ras el hanout, etc.
  • How to store leftovers: Leftovers will keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. If you’re able to, try to scoop the spiced meat off the hummus when you want to enjoy some leftovers, so you can quickly reheat it in a skillet on the stovetop. If not, simply allow it to come to room temperature.
  • Visit our Shop to browse quality Mediterranean ingredients including extra virgin olive oils, organic spices, and more!


Calories: 246.1kcalCarbohydrates: 16.1gProtein: 15.1gFat: 14.6gSaturated Fat: 2.9gPolyunsaturated Fat: 4.6gMonounsaturated Fat: 5.7gTrans Fat: 0.2gCholesterol: 24.6mgSodium: 413.1mgPotassium: 488.3mgFiber: 5.9gSugar: 2.2gVitamin A: 659IUVitamin C: 19.3mgCalcium: 54.9mgIron: 3.6mg
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  1. Glen says:

    4 stars
    A delicious and interesting recipe. I followed it to the letter and we used the meat in stuffed pitta bread. There was so much left over - there are only two of us - that I’ll make a cottage pie with the rest of it.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    5 stars
    I love your recipes and have purchased your olive oils and spices for gifts to others and they are always well received. I do have a question regarding the print page for your recipes. I always select to include a photo of the recipe but it never appears. I am not sure what I could be doing wrong because I don't have this issue with printing from other websites. Any tips? Thank you.

    1. TMD Team says:

      Hi, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for your support!! I am so sorry, but the picture printing function on our recipes just isn't working anymore. It's something we've tried to fix, with no luck. Hopefully you can still enjoy the recipes anyway!

  3. Melissa says:

    5 stars
    This was awesome! I made it with ground lamb and it tasted fantastic. My husband and I used mini tortillas and ate it as “street tacos”. It was a perfect way to enjoy it and keep all the components separate for easy storage and reheating possibilities. Than you!

    1. TMD Team says:

      So glad you enjoyed it, Melissa!

  4. Tammy says:

    I’m going to make this for a Christmas party,the recipe calls for tomato sauce but in the video you don’t add it?!

    Do I need it?

    1. TMD Team says:

      Hi, Tammy. It's delicious with or without the tomato sauce. You can do whatever you prefer here.

  5. Tere says:

    Thanks for every this. God loves your soul. Love him to.
    Be hippy and free.

  6. Lena McNeeley says:

    5 stars

  7. Neva Mikula says:

    5 stars
    This is now my go-to dish for hanging out with friends! Prepare everything ahead of time, assemble, and dig in. Soooooooo good!

  8. Bernie says:

    5 stars
    I like the layered hummus dip so much I am making a vegan version for my son’s family. It is colorful, aromatic and of course tasty. Mine with garlic naan and yellow and red pepper strips and Kalamita olives.

  9. Barbara Sonenfield says:

    5 stars
    Three words to describe this dish. Love, Love Love!

  10. Christine says:

    Hi Suzy,
    This sounds fabulous as many of your recipes are! I do have a question on this one. In the video, you do not add any tomato sauce, but it is called for in the recipe. Should it be in there? It looks so fabulous in the video an I would think tomato sauce would change the taste and appearance of the dish.

    1. Suzy says:

      Hi, Christine. This dish works well either way. Enjoy!

  11. Sol says:

    5 stars
    Amazing!! I made this for my hubby and I for dinner actually and it was so good and so filling! And so fun to make! Can’t wait to make it for friends. So good! Thank you!

    1. Suzy says:

      So glad you both enjoyed it!

  12. Allison says:

    I see that it would be very easy to veganize this recipe. I appreciate that.

  13. Elaina Dulaney says:

    5 stars
    Made this last night for company and it was a hit! Glad I have enough to make another batch for easter today! Served it with your homemade wheat pita chips!

    1. Suzy says:

      Thanks, Elaina!

  14. Mary says:

    I haven’t made it yet but plan to. I don’t care for pine nuts that much. I know it’s optional but what would be a good substitute to use in your opinion? Thanks!

  15. Kelly J says:

    5 stars
    Perfect. So good! Everybody raved. Thank you!

    1. Suzy says:

      Awesome! Thanks, Kelly!

  16. Gordon L Magill says:

    Dear Suzy, thank you for the printable 20 Easy Recipies, which we recently printed out. We made our first meal from it, the Layered Hummus Dip, which was delicious and easy. I made the hummus, and Linda Marie made the layers. We used ground venison instead of beef, which gave it a rich, gamey taste which came through all the seasonings! Tomorrow we will have the Mediterranean Lemon Chicken. We are blessed with a lot of Meyer lemons here in northern Florida in the winter, so lemon recipies are always useful. Your approach to Middle Eastern cooking and cuisine is delightful and joyful. I am transported back tot the days when I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, and had many Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian friends, and the food there was amazing!
    Gordon & Linda Marie
    Tallahassee, FL

    1. Suzy says:

      Hi, Gordon! Thank you for the recipe review and very kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed this one! Can't wait to hear what you think of the chicken. We have so many recipes with lemon on the blog.... lots of opportunities to put those fresh Meyer lemons to use :).