11 Must-Try Mediterranean Salad Recipes. Easy salad recipes that are nutritious and packed with flavor. Perfect to complete your meal, or as the main dish!

11 Epic Mediterranean Salad Recipes | The Mediterranean Dish. Easy salad recipes loaded with Mediterranean flavors and great ingredients. Perfect for any night of the week, summer picnics and more. Tabouli, fattoush, potato salad, chikpea salad, and more! from themediterraneandish.com #salad #chickpeasalad #tabouli #mediterraneansalad #greeksalad #balela #tunasalad #ptoatsalad

People often think of salad as the back-up singer to the main event.  But in Mediterranean cooking, the lines are easily blurred. Sure, we love our baked fish, grilled souvlaki, and beef kabobs, but the party is not complete without some stand-out salads.

Particularly on warm days, when I'd rather be basking in the sun than slaving in the kitchen, it's salad for dinner...and no one really cares, y'all!

We're not talking your average salad fluffed up with wilted lettuce. Nope. Think mouthwatering, loaded salads. Chickpea salad with a side of eggplant; or a platter of tuna salad with all sorts of crunchy veggies, tossed in a zesty Dijon vinaigrette and accompanied by warm pita pockets (now that's my kinda of lazy-night dinner!)

Without further chatter, here is my current list of favorite Mediterranean salad recipes (click on linked salad name in red to see the full recipe).

11 Epic Mediterranean Salad Recipes

(Click on salad titles in red to be taken to full recipe)

Balela Salad 

Balela Salad Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish. Bright, flavor-packed Mediterranean chickpea salad with chopped veggies, lots of herbs, and favorites like olives and sun-dried tomatoes. A zesty dressing brings it all together! A simple recipe from TheMediterraneanDish.com #balela #chickpeasalad #mediterraneanfood #mediterraneanrecipe

Fattoush Salad

Mediterranean Fattoush Salad Recipe

Mediterranean-Style Mustard Potato Salad

Mediterranean Style Mustard Potato Salad | The Mediterranean Dish. Light, flavor-packed mustard potato salad with Mediterranean spices, fresh herbs and capers. So simple and gorgeous. The best potato salad with no mayonnaise. See this potoato salad recipe on TheMediterraneanDish.com

Simple Asparagus with Mediterranean Salsa

Easy Asparagus Recipe with Mediterranean Salsa | The Mediterranean Dish. Give asparagus a quick blanch, then top with this amazing Mediterranean salsa. Tons of flavor and texture! Serve as an appetizer, side, or Asparagus salad! Recipe from TheMediterraneanDish.com #asparagus #asparagusrecipe #mediterraneandiet #mediterraneanrecipe #mediterranean #mediterraneanfood #glutenfreerecipe #easyrecipe #sidedish #mediterraneansalad #healthyrecipes #veganrecipes

Mediterranean Tuna Salad with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

Top 11 Mediterranean Salad Recipes: Mediterranean Tuna Salad | The Mediterranean Dish. Premium tuna with fresh herbs, chopped vegetables and a zesty Dijon vinaigrette! The best way to enjoy canned tuna!

Grilled Zucchini Salad

Mediterranean Style Grilled Zucchini Salad | The Mediterranean Dish. Simple, flavor-packed grilled zucchini with fresh herbs and other Mediterranean favorites. Ready in 15 minutes. Recipe from TheMediterraneanDish.com

Tabouli Salad

Tabouli Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish. Authentic Middle Eastern tabouli salad with fresh parsley, mint, bulgur, finely chopped vegetables and a simple citrus dressing. See the step-by-step tutorial at The Mediterranean Dish food blog.

Mediterranean Herbs and Tomato Salad

Give your Easter dinner a delicious Mediterranean Spin! From entrees like Greek leg of lamb, to side dishes like Spanakopita, Moussaka, Stuffed Zucchini and more! Gorgeous Mediterranean salads and dip recipes, and the best Mediterranean desserts like bakalava! We've got ya covered for Easter! See all 16 recipes on TheMediterraneanDish.com

Mediterranean Chickpea and Egg Salad

Mediterranean Chickpea Egg Salad Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish. A simple, satisfying egg salad prepared Mediterranean style with fresh veggies, herbs, and a zesty dressing! From TheMediterraneanDish.com

Mediterranean Pearl Couscous Salad

Top 10 Mediterranean Salad Recipes: Israeli Couscous Recipe with Chopped Vegetables, Chickpeas, and Artichokes| The Mediterranean Dish.

Loaded Chickpea Salad with Eggplant

Mediterranean Za’atar Chickpea Salad Recipe with Fried Eggplant | The Mediterranean Dish. A flavor-packed Mediterranean peasant salad with chickpeas, chopped vegetables, eggplant and Za’atar. A meal in its own right! Get the step-by-step tutorial.








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  1. These look amazing! Looks very similar to the salads people make in Algeria! I will attempt to make no'1 tonight for dinner and then for lunch tomorrow and I will work my way through the list!

  2. I love Tabouli Salad. I just made it yesterday! It is so hard to find a good Mediterranean restaurant on the east side of the State of Michigan especially in Battle Creek. So I’m trying my hand at cooking it! I started out with my favourite salad.

  3. They all look amazing, not sure where to start!! But I am pretty sure one of them is getting added to the menu for lunch tomorrow!

  4. These all look so healthy and delicious! I need to try the tuna salad--looks like a flavorful alternative to the traditional kind.

      1. thank you for this recipie, i just tried it today, put only one tbs of olive oil and had a low cal filling lunch for under 300 cal!! love your site

  5. These all look so fantastic!!!! I love them all!!!! Pinned!!! And just watched your video on Facebook...your stove would kill me 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing these beautiful and healthy salads. I could eat salads all the time. I can't wait to try these recipes.

  7. I will be making these salads I live in Georgia ..... it is HOT.. I love Georgia and my family, I know we will enjoy these beautiful salads.. the hummus is a BONUS thank you

  8. Fattoush Salad is my favorite. I could live on Fattoush. I'm out of Sumac. Most spices I have to order on line. If you find a wonderful Middle Eastern store in ATL, let me know. A place that makes or has fresh pita. In the winter, I order pita from Birmingham. The store serves most of ATL.

    1. Nice. I know the area. I go to Trader Joes in Roswell about once a month. Also, I want to go to the Dekalb Farmer's Market. I understand it is famous for international foods.

  9. You are in Atlanta? I live over the GA stateline -- Visit Cherokee County, North Carolina - Murphy, Andrews, Brasstown come up and visit, you'll love the area north of Blue Ridge, GA, and beyond. It is sticky hot here, too.

  10. Definitely going to be gathering up ingredients for a few of these today for HOT Alabama meals! Thanks!