This easy homemade vegetable soup is a textbook Mediterranean diet recipe and a delicious way to amp up your veggie intake! It’s loaded with zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, chickpeas and fresh herbs. It’s cozy, comforting, vegan and gluten-free, but trust me, meat eaters will love this vegetable soup as much as veggie lovers do. 

steamy homemade vegetable soup in a dutch oven next to a wooden spoon.
Photo Credits: Caitlin Bensel

As a child I didn't appreciate Mom’s homemade vegetable soup, but now as an adult I am all about a hearty bowl of vegetable soup and the bigger the bowl the better!

This soup recipe is an amped up version of my mother's healthy vegetable soup with a host of nourishing ingredients like garlic, onions, whole tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and chickpeas.

Fresh herbs, lime juice, and a good dash of warm spices (turmeric, coriander, and paprika) give this soup a Mediterranean twist.  

Just add your favorite crusty bread or even pita! Lately, we've had it on rotation for soup night along with Cioppino, Greek lentil soup,  Minestrone, and Avgolemono soup. Once you learn how to make vegetable soup at home, it will be on your rotation too! 

Table of Contents
  1. Ingredients for Vegetable Soup 
    1. Vegetables
    2. Legumes
    3. Flavor Makers
  2. How to Make Homemade Vegetable Soup 
  3. Ways to Make Vegetable Soup Your Own
  4. How to Freeze and Store Soup
  5. More Vegetable Soup Recipes
  6. Sweet Spanish Paprika
  7. Homemade Vegetable Soup Recipe
ingredients for homemade vegetable soup including olive oil, mushrooms, onion, parsley, celery, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas, carrots, bay leaves, broth, lime, pine nuts, garlic and spices.

Ingredients for Vegetable Soup 

Aside from broth (vegetable, chicken, or bone broth), this easy vegetable soup has two main components: hearty chunky vegetables and flavor makers in the form of fresh herbs, spices and a squeeze of lime. This soup recipe is similar to Italian minestrone soup, minus the pasta. 

Here's what you need:


  • Mushrooms
  • Zucchini
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Whole tomatoes: I like to use canned tomatoes because they are easy, add depth and body to the soup.


  • Chickpeas: Canned chickpeas work great here because they are easy and add plant-based protein to our vegetable soup

Flavor Makers

  • Fresh parsley: I use both the finely chopped parsley stems and the leaves. The stems have more flavor, and I add them earlier in the cooking process. The leaves add color and freshness so I add them later. 
  • Spices and dry herbs: a combination of warm spices and dry herbs give this soup depth. I used dry thyme, coriander, turmeric, and sweet paprika.
  • Lime: citrus goes a long way in adding brightness and rounding out the flavor in this soup. I used lime zest and lime juice here, but you can also use lemon, if that's what you have.

How to Make Homemade Vegetable Soup 

Learning how to make homemade vegetable soup is pretty easy. It’s really about cutting vegetables so they cook evenly and adding layers of flavor. 

  • Sauté mushrooms: Toss the mushrooms in a bit of extra virgin olive oil in a large cooking pot. This will help the mushrooms release their moisture and concentrate their natural sugars. Remove the mushrooms and set aside till later. You don’t want them to overcook in the soup.
  • Sauté remaining vegetables and aromatics: In the same pot, sauté finely chopped parsley stems. (We're building on flavor here!) Add onions, garlic, carrots, celery, and remaining vegetables. Stir in the spices and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook for about 7 minutes, stirring regularly until the veggies soften some.
  • Add tomatoes, chickpeas, and broth: I used canned whole tomatoes and canned chickpeas. Canned tomatoes are already peeled and will add flavor and color to the soup, while the chickpeas add protein. If you don’t have chickpeas, use white or kidney beans in their place. Top it off with vegetable or chicken broth.homemade vegetable soup in a dutch oven with a wooden spoon.
  • Boil and simmer: Bring to a boil, then lower heat and cover part-way. Let the soup happily simmer for about 15 more minutes.
  • Return the mushrooms to the pot and finish: To finish the soup, stir in sautéed mushrooms and fresh parsley leaves, lime zest and lime juice.homemade vegetable soup in a dutch oven.
  • Serve: Serve with your favorite crusty bread or piece of pillow focaccia! If you feel like it, add a few toasted pine nuts or a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes.

Ways to Make Vegetable Soup Your Own

Homemade vegetable soup is a great way to use up what veggies you have on hand.

Remember that virtually all vegetables will work in an everyday vegetable soup recipe like this one. 

Vegetable Swaps: Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, and even frozen peas, corn and green beans.

Legume Swaps: Replace the canned chickpeas with white beans such as navy or cannellini beans or kidney beans. If you typically make chickpeas from dried and have some hanging around you can use those too. 

You can still use the flavors and spices used in this recipe to give your soup a bold Mediterranean twist.

homemade vegetable soup in a dutch oven with a wooden spoon next to a bowl with two silver spoons.

How to Freeze and Store Soup

Whether you’re keeping this soup in the fridge for a couple of days or freezing it for a rainy day the first step is to cool it to room temperature. Once it’s cool, transfer it to a container you can seal with a lid.

To Store:  Leftover homemade vegetable soup will last a good 3 to 4 days in the fridge. 

To Freeze: The liquid in the soup will expand when frozen to leave an inch headspace between the lid and the soup before placing it in the freezer. I prefer to use airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags. 

More Vegetable Soup Recipes

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Homemade Vegetable Soup

Suzy Karadsheh
steamy homemade vegetable soup in a dutch oven next to a wooden spoon.
You'll love this easy homemade vegetable soup, prepared Mediterranean-style with loads of vegetables, including zucchini, carrots, and mushrooms, and fresh herbs. A little lime juice finishes this soup to add brightness and round out flavor.
Prep – 15 minutes
Cook – 30 minutes
Total – 45 minutes
Serves – 6


  • Extra Virgin Olive oil, I used Private Reserve Greek EVOO
  • 8 oz sliced baby bella mushrooms
  • 1 bunch flat leaf parsley, washed, dried, stems and leaves separated, then each chopped
  • 1 medium-size yellow or red onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 2 celery ribs, chopped
  • 2 carrots, peeled, chopped
  • 2 medium zucchini, tops removed, sliced into rounds or half-moons or diced
  • 2 golden potatoes, peeled, small diced
  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon sweet paprika
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 (15-ounce) can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
  • 1 (32-ounce) can whole peeled tomatoes
  • 2 bay leaves
  • ½ teaspoon dry thyme
  • 6 cups low-sodium vegetable or chicken broth
  • Zest of 1 lime
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • cup toasted pine nuts, optional


  • Sauté Mushrooms: In a large pot heat 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium-high until shimmering but not smoking. Add the mushrooms and cook for 3-5 minutes, stirring regularly. Remove from the pot and set aside for now.
  • Add fresh veggies and spices: Add more olive oil, if needed and heat. Add the chopped parsley stems, (save the leaves for later), onions, garlic, celery, carrots, zucchini and small diced potatoes. Stir in the spices, and season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 7 minutes, stirring regularly, until the vegetables have softened a bit.
  • Add the chickpeas and tomatoes: Now add the chickpeas, tomatoes, bay leaves, thyme, and broth. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes, then turn the heat down to medium-low. Cover partially and cook for 15 more minutes.
  • Return mushrooms to the pot: Uncover and add the sauteed mushrooms. Cook for just a few more minutes until mushrooms are warmed through.
  • Add finishing touches: Finally, stir in the parsley leaves, lime zest, and lime juice.
  • Enjoy! Remove from the heat. Remove bay leaves. Transfer the vegetable soup to serving bowls and top with toasted pine nuts, if you like. Add a side of your favorite crusty bread or pita along with extra lime wedges and crushed red pepper. Enjoy!



  • Cook's Tip for Storing: Leftover homemade vegetable soup will last a good 3 to 4 days in the fridge, stored in a tight-lid glass container. Make sure the soup is completely cooled before you store it. If you're making this soup for meal prep and want to freeze it, you can! Again make sure soup is fully cooled before storing and freezing in in covered airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags. Be sure to leave room in the containers for soup to expand as it freezes.
  • Lower Carb Option: You can omit the potatoes for a lower carb option
  • Like a spicy soup? This soup is plenty flavorful, but if you're one for spicy, add a pinch of red pepper flakes.
  • Visit our online shop to browse quality Mediterranean ingredients such as Private Reserve extra virgin olive oil and spices like coriander, and paprika!


Calories: 236.4kcalCarbohydrates: 37.3gProtein: 10.4gFat: 7.3gSaturated Fat: 0.7gPolyunsaturated Fat: 3.5gMonounsaturated Fat: 1.8gSodium: 634.1mgPotassium: 1073.7mgFiber: 9.4gSugar: 9.5gVitamin A: 3826.2IUVitamin C: 41.1mgCalcium: 109.8mgIron: 4mg
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*This post has recently been updated with new information for readers’ benefit.

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I'm Suzy; born and bred right on the shores of the Mediterranean. I'm all about easy, healthy recipes with big Mediterranean flavors. Three values guide my cooking: eat with the seasons; use whole foods; and above all, share! So happy you're here...
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  1. Billy says:

    5 stars
    I had my reservations while prepping the ingredients for this recipe. After tasting it, I found myself looking forward to having a second bowl of it! IT'S OUTSTANDING! It even tastes good cold. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  2. alexandra says:

    5 stars
    Well, I’ve definitely never left a comment on a recipe before but there’s a first for everything and this delicious soup deserves it!

    I cannot get over how delicious this is!!

    I added 1lb ground chicken and subbed honey but squash for the potato. I think next time I will add some kale, too!

    I am pregnant and can barely stomach ANYTHING so a nutrient-dense soup was a must. I’ll be making this again for months to come, I’m sure!

    1. TMD Team says:

      So glad to hear you loved this, Alexandra! And congrats on your pregnancy. Hope those stomach yuckies go away soon. I know that is no fun!

  3. Karen says:

    5 stars
    Made this soup yesterday, and leftovers are fabulous! I love this soup. I doubled the mushrooms (I love mushrooms), used sweet potatoes instead of the regular potatoes (can't have too many orange veggies, right?), and added green peas and chopped greens that I grow (never too many greens). SO so delicious! I love the lime zest and juice, what a fresh flavor it gives the soup. And you can add or subtract whatever vegetables you have or like or dislike.
    Suzy, every recipe of yours that I make has been a winner! Thank you so much for creating such wonderful dishes.

  4. Maria says:

    5 stars
    Fantastic recipe! This soup was a hit.

  5. ria davies says:

    5 stars
    Such a fresh and light soup. A big bowl of goodness. I didn’t have zucchini so added grated cauliflower and broccoli. Will be making this regularly. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Diane says:

    This looks delicious. Going to try this soon but is there any way I could reduce the amount of sodium in this recipe?

  7. StaciR says:

    5 stars
    Second comment on this soup. Currently dealing with iced roads here in Dallas. Husband took me to the store around the corner in his 4 WD. No parsley due to deliveries being halted. But, no worries. I have my fabulous spices from here and Sumac and Aleppo will help!

    I came here to tell you that I share this recipe all the time and so many people rave.

    We had to do a diversity and inclusion presentation at work. I highlighted how food brings people together and teaches us about other cultures. How I love blogs that don’t just throw a recipe but provide background. I used yours and my (Indian). It was a hit! My boss is Muslim and really loved the varieties. She even decided to seek out Halaal wine!

    Thank you sharing and the fabulous recipes. The husband is going to hang with me tonight to learn the “voodoo” in the kitchen, haha.

    1. TMD Team says:

      Thank you so much for your kind review, Staci. Stay safe out there in that icy weather!

  8. Marsha says:

    4 stars
    Very good if you like lime flavor. Couldn't find fresh flat leafed parsley so used a bit of cilantro snd celery leaves.

    1. StaciR says:

      Marsha, lemon can be milder and you can go light on the zest or just serve on the side. It’s really versatile. My husband doesn’t do chickpeas so we do chicken. I’ve even puréed some for a neighbor who had surgery and couldn’t really chew.

      I’ve subbed in basil, oregano and even made an Asian themed version using a veggie mix I got that had specific veggies and fell in love with parsnips!

  9. Maria says:

    5 stars
    Best vegetable soup ever! I used butternut squash instead of potatoes and will double the mushrooms next time. Chilli flakes and the addition of lime put it over the edge in terms of flavour.

    1. TMD Team says:

      So glad you enjoyed it, Maria!

  10. Catherine says:

    5 stars
    Made this soup last week to enjoy when it was raining and cold outside. It was so easy to make and came out perfectly. It was super delicious with lots of flavor, even though it did not require long hours of cooking. I followed the recipe as it was printed to get the best result and was so pleased. I have made several of your recipes and enjoyed them all. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

  11. Tracie says:

    5 stars
    Absolutely delicious!! This will be a regular at our house…loved it!

    1. TMD Team says:

      Thanks, Tracie!

  12. Debra says:

    5 stars
    So delicious ❤️

  13. Amy says:

    5 stars
    I made this last night and it was delicious! I made the recipe as is but deleted the potato, and next time will add additional veges, as well as doubling the mushrooms. The lime juice and zest made this for me!

  14. Joanne says:

    5 stars
    I also love your recipes. This soup was so good and I particularly like the spices you use. The lime was a little twist that added to the flavor profile.
    I have ordered spices from you and they are such good quality and I use them frequently in many things I make.
    To their person who asked about the slow cooker, I did make this in the slow cooker, but prepared the vegetables as you do in the recipe first, before adding to the slow cooker. I think this deepens the flavor of a slow cook soup. It turned out really well!

    1. TMD Team says:

      Thanks so much, Joanne!

  15. Luke says:

    5 stars
    This is a good recipe, Doubles the garlic and increased the cooking time for veggies by 10 minutes to soften them up a bit more. I used small dice tomatoes instead of whole.

    1. TMD Team says:

      Thanks for the tips, Luke!

  16. Kathleen LHommedieu says:

    5 stars
    I love you recipes. They will be what I serve at my yoga retreats.
    I love your cooking videos as well. Just plain good food. Thank you for sharing your talent and beautiful recipes .

    1. TMD Team says:

      It's our pleasure, Kathleen! Thank you for your support!